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  • 15 Jun 2017 10:59 AM | Deleted user

    “Our club is growing, with an ever growing membership standing at 94.  Welcome to new and long-standing members, alike. ”

    It has been a very challenging spring with record rainfall and records high water levels on Lake Ontario,  and it seems like ages since our Open House in April, but our paddle program has gone ahead.  We lost some paddlers from last year but signed up 26 new members so far this year for a net increase of 8 paddlers.  Our membership now stands at 94!  Very nice!  Congratulations to JL and the recruitment team for a very successful Open House and Try It events, and welcome to all new members!

    Dock Challenges

    Keeping the dock stable has been a challenge this spring but Mike Hewton has managed to keep pace with the rising water levels by raising the dock 4 times to keep weight on the legs so it wouldn't be swept away.  Just look to the west of our club’s shed and see what happens when a dock loses its footing!  This has allowed all of our coaches, steers, and paddlers to go out since early May while Belleville and other local clubs didn't get in the water until June.  Speaking of boats in the water, special mention goes to our determined 6 a.m. paddlers steered by Doug Harrison and coached by Mary Robinson, Lucie Cossette and JL Neilsen for their high attendance and dedication.  Let's hope they stay on track and keep snapping those shots of sunrises for those of us still in bed at that hour.

    Technical Sessions

    These sessions led by Tricia Boehme have been well attended by members at all levels of the sport.  Paddlers always appreciate how Tricia breaks down the stroke so that they can understand and progress.  We have intentionally loaded the Technical Sessions into the early part of the schedule so that paddlers can develop some positive technical proficiencies that they can practice all season.  There will be one more session scheduled soon so sign up early to get on the boat.

    Paddle Session Withdrawal

    If you have changed your mind about paddling please notify the coach the day before the session will take place.  This allows the coach to accurately judge whether or not to cancel the session on the Hotline.  The procedure for withdrawing from a session was sent out a couple of weeks ago, and can now be found on the Home Page of the website in the Blog Post section.  The Coach/Steer list is not reproduced in the Blog section as it is a public, not just a club, format.  Your attention in this area would be much appreciated.

    Support for Paddle Sessions

    Our Head Coach, Mary Linnett, has added sessions to what was an already very generous paddle schedule from last year.  The intent is to provide more paddling opportunities for all members in general and for people who work in particular.  Please have a look at all sessions, and particularly the Sunday session at 6 p.m. and the Wednesday session at  6:30 p.m., and support them if you can.  These are offered outside of the work day for working members and we hope paddlers can take advantage of them.  After the first week of July, the Board will decide whether or not to keep coaches and steers committed to these times or ask them to serve in other time slots.


    Our two BUK boats will remain at our main dock, and our little boat, now named Minion, has been launched and tucked in a corner of the marina for use by small crews.  We hope that the availability of the small boat, on days where we have just 6 or 7 paddlers, will enable a paddling session to go ahead.  Our 2 newest BUK’s, Draco and Nakoma, plus our older BUK boat will be rented to the Trenton Festival to be held on Saturday, July 15th.   The big new graphics will course up and down the river proudly advertising our vibrant club and its members.  Payment will go into the BDBC account to help with future expenses and projects.

    Festival Racing - Peterborough Festival

    The Brighton Heat Strokes,  led by the intrepid Tricia Boehme, entered its first festival of the season in Peterborough on June 10th.  There were 67 teams in the competition.  Through timed heats, all teams were seeded into categories and the Heat Strokes ended up in the 400m final against the 4 other fastest teams of the day.  The Heat Strokes were in the thick of it, jockeying positions with other teams, and ended up gaining in the last few metres to capture second place, one second behind the Pickering team.....a pretty good result considering that Pickering is a Sport Club of 80 plus racers, and Brighton is a Community Team of 25 racers.  The Heat Strokes were a close second out of 67 teams......but the drama was not over!!  To close out the day, the 5 out of town teams went into a 200m knockout competition.  Teams raced and whichever team came last was out, while the rest lined up immediately to race again.  Through the first 3 heats, the Heat Strokes easily advanced to the final match race with….. you guessed it……Pickering!  IT WAS GAME ON!!  The horn went and the paddles dug in.  Heat Strokes had a great start and both teams raced neck and neck down the course.  In the final 50 meters, Pickering edged ahead slightly to take the race by .5 of a second....Brighton was second again, but with a very fine showing!  Congratulations both to the Pickering racers and the Brighton Heat Strokes!!


    10th Anniversary - Water Day!!

    We are injecting some fun into our summer with a special 10th Anniversary WATER DAY celebration!  This will include any and all members belonging to our club.  It will be held on Saturday, August 19th and be a social event filled with several light-hearted competitions.  They may include events such as the Upside-down Paddle Race (you will get wet),  the Stare Down Power Match (teams of up to 10 fill half a boat and face each other…paddles up…game on!),  the Drum Competition (aspiring drummers find your beat on our dragon boat drums while team members pulse and gyrate), the Blindfolded Paddler Race, and other forms of on-the-water hijinks.  We plan to make arrangements for food on our traditional festival site east of Harbourview Café, and when all is finished, I am told that Jennie and Bill serve alcoholic beverages in the Harbourview Cafe....Who knew!?!?!

    So keep Saturday, August 19th open.  More details will follow.

    Phil Spencer

    President, Brighton Dragon Boat Club

  • 6 May 2017 2:17 PM | Deleted user


    So you’ve registered as a member of the Brighton Dragon Boat Club, received your welcome letter, and gone online to set up your account and reset your password. Now you’re ready to sign up for a paddling session!

    To our returning members: the website looks a little different than it did last year, so indulge us and have a look at these instructions. It might save you a minute or two of frustration. To all our new members: Welcome! We hope you find the notes below useful. As always, please let us know if something isn’t working. We want the sign-ups to be quick, easy, and efficient, so you can concentrate on having a good time on the water.

    Sign-Up Steps

    The first step is to login.  Click on the login link located in the top right hand corner of the site (outline in red in the picture below).  On the home page of the website, you will see a banner across the top of the page. Click on “Events” to see the session or activity for which you wish to sign up.


     You’ll be taken to a page that lists the events. To see the calendar version, click on “Switch to Calendar View” on the upper right-hand side of the page (outlined in red in the picture below), or if you prefer, use the list and scroll down to find the session want to register for.

    Note in the picture below, if you use the list you will find the registration button for the session listed.  Simply click on the registration button to start the registration process.

    Using the calendar view, click on the session that you wish to attend. You will be taken to the following page, which shows you more details about the event:

    Click on “Register”, on the bottom left-hand corner of the page (outline in red in the above picture), and the next thing you’ll see is your membership information.

    Click “Next”.

    You will be asked to confirm your sign-up details. If everything is OK, click on “Confirm”.

    You will receive an immediate confirmation and email confirming your registration.

    That’s it! You’re done!


    For those of us used to the “one click - you’re registered” process, the multiple steps may seem a little cumbersome. Once you get used to the process, it really is very fast, and we’re working on making it more efficient!  The extra steps provide us with an added level of security and prevent us from receiving spam mail.

  • 17 Apr 2017 7:04 PM | Deleted user

    Well.....Hello There Brighton Dragon Boaters!!

    I am writing to update you on our winter projects and to welcome you to the Brighton Dragon Boat Club 2017!  We have some cool new stuff to play with!

    The first thing that you should notice is our new and slick website.  It is the result of many hours of meetings and consultations, and many more hours of searching, analyzing and testing.  The Website Committee consists of JL Neilson, Jo Gray, Cathy Hewton, and me, Phil Spencer.  JL is the chair of our committee and the digital heavy hitter of the group.  She enthusiastically and methodically distilled all of our comments and website desires to find an effective and elegant solution that should very capably serve our club long into the future.  Assisting JL in shaping features and functions of the new website were Jo Gray and Cathy Hewton, both of whom provided excellent feedback and suggestions all through the process. Phil Spencer served on the committee as head cheer leader and token male.  He nodded and smiled to all comments and served refreshments.   The website will be launched bare bones to handle membership payment, session sign up, club and contact information, but will be steadily expanded throughout the season.  When you open it up you will be treated to several scrolling pictures on the Home Page.  You might well be in one of them!  Cheers to the website committee for a job very well done!

    Next, I wanted to thank all of you for your excellent response to our “Name the Boats Survey”.  We have 90 plus members in our club and the response rate to the survey were over 80 members.  Awesome!  So the boats now have names.  The white boat is Draco (pronounced Drayco, emphasis on the first syllable) and the yellow boat is Nakoma (emphasis on the second syllable sounds like Tacoma, Washington). 

    Speaking of boats, they are newly retrieved from Gananoque where they underwent significant refurbishment....and just last week both boats were tarted up with entirely new graphics from head to tail....and..... you guessed it...the new names are on the bows.   When you see the boats you will see our Club name in BIG PRINT accompanied by our club logo and surrounded in dragon skin.  On the sides near the stern is a tribute to our 10th anniversary.  To get a peek go to the club's Facebook page.  The cover photo is of the yellow boat strutting its stuff!  It has attitude!

    Lastly, you should drop in on our Open House on Saturday, April 22nd at the YMCA between 10 and 2.  You can register for the upcoming season, chat with fellow paddlers, learn details of the paddling schedule and talk to race team representatives!  You will know you have arrived at the correct venue if you see a newly dolled up dragon boat parked at the curb.

    It's spring dig out your paddling gear, check out our Open House and catch up with dragon boat news from your favourite paddling buddies! 

    We're on the water early May!

    Phil Spencer

    President, BDBC

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