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  • 14 May 2019 4:47 PM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)

    Every spring we deal with unsettled weather conditions that include rain and wind. It is difficult to predict ahead whether a session will run or not!

    Member, steer and coach safety are our priority so a session may be cancelled at the last minute.

    Generally the call to cancel will be made at the dock once the steer and coach arrive - we apologize if you arrive to find the boat is not going out.

    If the decision is made more than 1/2 hr ahead that information will be put on  the Hotline...613-475-5532 and on the website.

    We do paddle in light rain so dress for the weather conditions!

    Besides the weather, cancellations can occur if members have signed up but don't show up...there may not be enough people to go out.

    Remember, there is a very simple cancellation procedure so if you decide you can't attend please use it!

    Cancellation Button!!!

    1.  Login
    2.  Click on the calendar and find the event you signed up for.
    3.  Click on "already registered"
    4.  Click on cancel registration.

  • 11 May 2019 12:08 PM | Philip Spencer


    The docks are in and all three boats are launched.  Simply look on the website calendar for a session you like between May 13 and May 27 and show up at the dock 15 minutes ahead of time.  You will be given a life jacket, paddle, butt pad, and assigned a seat.  Try as many times as you like during this period. 


    Brighton Dragon Boat Club

  • 27 Apr 2019 4:05 PM | Philip Spencer


    If you haven't started your preseason workout yet, it's never too late.  Get your paddle and life jacket out and stare at them until you feel guilty enough to do a few situps, squats and pushups.  Your body will reward you in two weeks!


    The Open House brought in a number of veterans and about 10 or so new folks who were interested in dragon boating.  These new paddlers will have the benefit of paddling free for the first 2 weeks at several sessions before they have to decide whether or not to join the club.  If you see someone new on your boat in the second half of May, be sure to give a warm BDBC welcome.  That paddler might be your new seat mate!

    Special thanks goes to Kim Burns, who shoulders the responsibility for organizing the Open House.  She very capably covered all the bases for advertising and other logistics, and all board members pitched in to round up items and provide service to visitors.  Tom King and Leslie Dagg dealt with new sign-ups on computers, Frances Bradley brought coffee, cookies and paddles (paddles were used for stirring the coffee).  Tricia Boehme answered questions regarding paddle session scheduling, Miles LeClair (our race coach) fielded questions regarding the race team. Big thanks also goes to several veteran members for providing newcomers with a warm welcome and for being in the photos taken by local press.

    BiXi, our new 10 seat dragon boat made her debut on the trailer parked at the Brighton YMCA.  Never mind that there was snow on her head and tail when she arrived....we liked her anyway!!  Smaller crews will ride in style this more picking fibre glass out of your legs!! Thanks to Mike and Cathy Hewton for bringing BiXi to the Open House!

    BDBC Clothing was on display inside the building, set up by Susan Walker.  It takes time to get new items in, so make sure you order early.  See the selection on the website under Club Clothing and contact Susan directly to order.  

    Dock repairs are going ahead this week and include, welding of the frame, replacement of plywood deck and addition of handholds to assist paddlers in entering and exiting the boats.  Waxing of the boats will also be done next week.  All will be ready for the first session on May 13th!

    Early breakfast for 6 a.m. paddlers  will be on as in previous years!  Jeni will be there to look after our early birds, so that this indispensable part of the predawn paddle will continue. 

    Paddles Up!

    Phil Spencer 

  • 25 Apr 2019 10:29 AM | Philip Spencer


    Saturday, April 27th from 9 to noon

    *Reconnect with paddle buddies

    *Register, if you have not already done so

    *Get instruction on the website

    *Meet our new race coach

    *See the new paddles

    *Check out the new BDBC clothing


    Check out BiXi, our new 10 person Champion dragon boat. 



  • 1 Apr 2019 6:09 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Log In Issues

    Technology is a wonderous thing when it works well.  We are currently experiencing some temporary technical difficulties with our log in for our website.  In the interim to log in to our site please use  We apologize for the inconvenience particularly knowing that a number of you are trying to register today to take advantage of the early bird discount.  In light of the technical issues we are extending the eligibility period for the $15 early bird discount until tomorrow evening April 2.  Thanks for your patience.

  • 30 Mar 2019 12:27 PM | Leslie Dagg


    Stay up to date on club events and news with the newsletter.

    Early Bird Discount Expires April 1

    Just a reminder that to be eligible for the early bird discount of $15.00 you need to be registered and your membership fee paid no later than the close of day April 1, 2019.


  • 17 Mar 2019 6:12 PM | Philip Spencer



    The voting to name the new small boat has been ongoing for the last week, and will close at midnight Sunday night.  There are 8 names to choose from and you are asked to pick 3 names, ranking them from 1 (top choice) to 3.  If you haven't voted yet, please do so this weekend.  If you can't find the original email with the survey link, here it is again.  Thanks goes to May Haslam who created our survey using Survey Monkey (May hangs out here a lot, swinger that she is).


    All members are reminded to register by April 1st if they wish to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.  This will save you $15 on your annual BDBC registration fee.  You may not be able to take your dream vacation with the money you save, but you can buy a couple of extra beer at on the Harbourview patio this summer!  Who doesn't like that!!


    If any members know that they will not be joining the club this year and wish to be removed form the our distribution list, please contact Leslie Dagg (our Administration Officer)  through the Directory under Members and please include your reason for wishing to be removed (moving, not paddling this year, busy with family, being fitted with hearing aids, etc.).  We don't want to bother anyone unnecessarily and we would like our list to be as accurate as possible.


    Your Board of Directors has continued to refresh the website in preparation for the new season.  You will notice that many pictures have been changed in the slide show and mixed in with many great ones that were already there.  There are many of our paddlers featured in the slide show, and most of them have huge smiles!!  ....except for Doug Harrison whose jaw is set in a determined grimace as he steers his boat down the race course....but that's a good exception!!

    Thanks goes to Tricia Boehme for figuring this out.  In future, the pictures will be monitored and changed by Leslie Dagg, our Administration Officer.

    Another important website change is the Early Bird Discount, mentioned earlier.  This took a lot of head-scratching and determination on Tom King's part.  Fortunately for us, he is very capable in both of these areas!

    Thank you Tom and Tricia!!


    Our Open House will be Saturday, April 27th, 9 to noon.    Kim Burns has been busy organizing advertising and securing the venue at the YMCA.  You are encouraged to come out and catch up with your paddling buddies, register (if you haven't already done so), meet our new Race Coach, Miles LeClair, and....wait for it....SEE OUR NEW BOAT, NEW PADDLES......and, last but not least, OUR NEW BICYCLE RACK!  Paddles have just been ordered by Frances Bradley, our Assets Manager,  and  will be picked up in a week or 2.  Leslie Dagg is rounding up the bicycle rack soon and will be giving demonstrations of its use at the Open House.

    For more information on club events, go to the website, check the calendar, updated last month by Cathy Hewton and Jo Gray, or the blogs, or Club Clothing (pics buy Tricia, website wizardry by Tom King, and sales by Susan Walker).  Susan is investigating new shirt be announced at a later date.

    BUT TODAY.....NAME THAT BOAT!!  (if you haven't already done so).

    Paddles up!

    Phil Spencer                                    


  • 15 Mar 2019 5:24 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    We have a new link in the menu which shows off all of our current inventory. If something appeals to you, contact Susan Walker,  details on the site.

  • 8 Mar 2019 12:28 PM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)

    Are you interested in finding out more information about the sport of Dragon Boating or is there someone you know who has expressed an interest? Join us on April 27th in the Lobby of the Brighton YMCA any time between 9a.m. and noon.

    You can talk to existing members, check out the equipment we supply, have a look at the schedule, register on the spot and enjoy a coffee.

    If you are an existing member, you"ll have a chance to catch up with friends, coaches and steers, and meet new executive members.

    Look for the BDBC dragon boat in the parking lot!!

  • 26 Feb 2019 6:12 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Are you on Facebook? Are you following our page? Are you sharing our posts with your friends?

    We have been actively working our facebook page (Cathy Hewton and Tricia Boehme) and asking those who read our posts to share the information. This has resulted in our club getting our information into many hands. We have had a number of inquiries about our club BECAUSE of facebook shares. More members will mean fuller boats which will mean more fun!!

    Please, if you are on facebook:

    #1 LIKE OUR PAGE, this will mean you will see our posts

    #2 SHARE OUR POSTS, this will mean free advertising and reaching a large audience

    This is such an easy way to help your club!

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