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  • 17 Mar 2019 6:12 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)



    The voting to name the new small boat has been ongoing for the last week, and will close at midnight Sunday night.  There are 8 names to choose from and you are asked to pick 3 names, ranking them from 1 (top choice) to 3.  If you haven't voted yet, please do so this weekend.  If you can't find the original email with the survey link, here it is again.  Thanks goes to May Haslam who created our survey using Survey Monkey (May hangs out here a lot, swinger that she is).


    All members are reminded to register by April 1st if they wish to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.  This will save you $15 on your annual BDBC registration fee.  You may not be able to take your dream vacation with the money you save, but you can buy a couple of extra beer at on the Harbourview patio this summer!  Who doesn't like that!!


    If any members know that they will not be joining the club this year and wish to be removed form the our distribution list, please contact Leslie Dagg (our Administration Officer)  through the Directory under Members and please include your reason for wishing to be removed (moving, not paddling this year, busy with family, being fitted with hearing aids, etc.).  We don't want to bother anyone unnecessarily and we would like our list to be as accurate as possible.


    Your Board of Directors has continued to refresh the website in preparation for the new season.  You will notice that many pictures have been changed in the slide show and mixed in with many great ones that were already there.  There are many of our paddlers featured in the slide show, and most of them have huge smiles!!  ....except for Doug Harrison whose jaw is set in a determined grimace as he steers his boat down the race course....but that's a good exception!!

    Thanks goes to Tricia Boehme for figuring this out.  In future, the pictures will be monitored and changed by Leslie Dagg, our Administration Officer.

    Another important website change is the Early Bird Discount, mentioned earlier.  This took a lot of head-scratching and determination on Tom King's part.  Fortunately for us, he is very capable in both of these areas!

    Thank you Tom and Tricia!!


    Our Open House will be Saturday, April 27th, 9 to noon.    Kim Burns has been busy organizing advertising and securing the venue at the YMCA.  You are encouraged to come out and catch up with your paddling buddies, register (if you haven't already done so), meet our new Race Coach, Miles LeClair, and....wait for it....SEE OUR NEW BOAT, NEW PADDLES......and, last but not least, OUR NEW BICYCLE RACK!  Paddles have just been ordered by Frances Bradley, our Assets Manager,  and  will be picked up in a week or 2.  Leslie Dagg is rounding up the bicycle rack soon and will be giving demonstrations of its use at the Open House.

    For more information on club events, go to the website, check the calendar, updated last month by Cathy Hewton and Jo Gray, or the blogs, or Club Clothing (pics buy Tricia, website wizardry by Tom King, and sales by Susan Walker).  Susan is investigating new shirt be announced at a later date.

    BUT TODAY.....NAME THAT BOAT!!  (if you haven't already done so).

    Paddles up!

    Phil Spencer                                    


  • 15 Mar 2019 5:24 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    We have a new link in the menu which shows off all of our current inventory. If something appeals to you, contact Susan Walker,  details on the site.

  • 8 Mar 2019 12:28 PM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)

    Are you interested in finding out more information about the sport of Dragon Boating or is there someone you know who has expressed an interest? Join us on April 27th in the Lobby of the Brighton YMCA any time between 9a.m. and noon.

    You can talk to existing members, check out the equipment we supply, have a look at the schedule, register on the spot and enjoy a coffee.

    If you are an existing member, you"ll have a chance to catch up with friends, coaches and steers, and meet new executive members.

    Look for the BDBC dragon boat in the parking lot!!

  • 26 Feb 2019 6:12 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Are you on Facebook? Are you following our page? Are you sharing our posts with your friends?

    We have been actively working our facebook page (Cathy Hewton and Tricia Boehme) and asking those who read our posts to share the information. This has resulted in our club getting our information into many hands. We have had a number of inquiries about our club BECAUSE of facebook shares. More members will mean fuller boats which will mean more fun!!

    Please, if you are on facebook:

    #1 LIKE OUR PAGE, this will mean you will see our posts

    #2 SHARE OUR POSTS, this will mean free advertising and reaching a large audience

    This is such an easy way to help your club!

  • 21 Feb 2019 8:50 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)

    We are getting close folks and the pieces are coming together....not by chance but by steady attention over the winter by your Board of Directors and other dedicated BDBC members!  


    This was announced in the January Newsletter, and thanks to Tom King, is now a reality!  Tom has supplied instructions on how members should register to take advantage of the discount. He worked hard to make the instructions simple enough so that even a Digital Luddite such as myself could follow.  Here they are.

    Step 1.  You need to first go to our website. Type  into your internet search to reach our website.

    If you are an existing member (your 2018 membership extends from April 2, 2018 to April 1, 2019)

    Step 2.  Click on the "Log in" button at the top right hand corner

    Step 3.  Enter your e-mail address (even Phil got this one) and your password.  If enduring the polar vortexes and bouts of freezing rain over the winter has caused you to forget your password, have no fear.  Press the "Forgot Password" button and we will send you a temporary password which you can use to get in and reset a new password of your choice.  Have some fun; you're a dragon boater so pick something adventurous as your password.

    Step 4.  Once step 3 is completed our Home Page will show up.  Click on the Tab "Join Us".

    Step 5.  The screen will indicate that you are already a member (which you are until March 31, 2019).  Click "Edit your member profile".

    Step 6. You will see a screen that reflects your membership profile.  Click on the button than says "Renew to April 1, 2020".

    Step 7.  The next screen will reflect your renewal as a regular or race member (as applicable) and your profile info below.  Make any changes to the profile info you consider appropriate and then press the "Update and next" button.  Read the waiver information by clicking on the link  If you are in agreement click on the box "I fully understand and accept the terms of the waiver agreement".

    Seventh inning stretch

    Step 8  The next screen summarizes your renewal information.  If there is an error press the "back" button and correct your profile.  If all is good you can either mail your payment in (i.e. press the button "invoice me") or make your payment online (press the button "Pay online").

    Step 9.  If you decide to pay online (which the majority of members do).  You will then be taken to a PayPal screen.  If you are a member of PayPal you can enter your information, or like the majority of us, you will want to pay with your credit card.  If the latter, press the button "Pay with a credit or Visa debit card".  If the latter a new screen will appear where you can enter your credit or Visa debit card info and make the payment.

    Congratulations, you are now a fully paid member for the 2019 season and will receive an e-mail confirming this.

    If you are just joining us for the first time (not you Phil)

    Step 2.  Click on the tab "Join us".

    Step 3.  You will see a screen which will allow you to pick from one of three options.  You can join the race team, become a regular member or if you are between the age of 13 and 17 inclusive (I can barely remember those years) you can join at a reduced rate.

    Step 4. Once you have chosen an option the next screen will request your e-mail address and to type in the box below the words/numbers appearing just below the box (apparently this is to make sure you are a real person).

    Step 5.  On the next screen enter your name, phone number, and emergency contact info (ignore the box for Avatar).  Read the waiver information by clicking on link  If you are in agreement click on the box "I fully understand and accept the terms of the waiver agreemet."

    Step 6.  Follow steps 8 and 9 above.

    Welcome to our club!  You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.


    Our Head Coach Tricia engineered this with the input and support of the Board, and the information collected through our survey.  We are reducing the number of  recreational paddle sessions per week, hoping to increase the number of paddlers per session, but making sure that as many days of the week are covered as possible.  We have rec paddles on 6 different days.  There is also a little more variety in start times. See the CALENDAR for all the details.


    Thanks to the dedication of Cathy Hewton and Jo Gray, we have all of the paddle sessions and events in the calendar for the entire season.  For those who don't know, each item has to be input manually and is a long and tedious job.  Check the website and see for yourselves.  Seeing it makes the upcoming season seem more real somehow.  Cathy and Jo also make adjustments to the calendar as needed throughout the season.  Thank you Cathy and Jo.  This is a great contribution!


    It's not brand new but pretty new.  It is a 2017 Champion from Mission Dragon Boats in Montreal.  It is a 10 person dragon boat and constructed very much like our big boats with a tunnel hull bottom rather than the flat bottom that our current small boat has. It will track much better and meets all IDBF standards.  I have just been notified that delivery will be Saturday, April 6th.  We will need 8 strong people to help unload as the boat will be on the top deck of a multiple tiered trailer.  Get doing your push ups!! 

    Everyone can see the new boat at the Open House, April 27th. 

    To see pictures of the boat use the link below and go to the 10 person dragon boat at bottom left of the 4 pictures.  Click on that and you will get several more pictures.

    This will be great for small crews!

    That is the big news for now folks.  Time to get off the couch, locate your paddle gear and do a few sit ups.  It won't be long now!

    And don't forget to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!


    Phil Spencer

  • 15 Aug 2018 1:43 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)

    Stay up to date on club events and news with the newsletter.


    Back, by popular demand, is the SUNSET PADDLE!!

    It is difficult to plan too far ahead as the long range forecast is too subject to change.  I have had to give up on 2 prospective dates for this here is the latest!





    We picked Sunday because it is in the middle of a 3 day stretch of sunny weather.  Our hope is that this gives us a favourable buffer from any weather shift.  Fingers crossed!!




    Phil Spencer


  • 14 Aug 2018 12:40 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)

    Stay up to date on club events and news with the newsletter.


    The Brighton Heat Strokes remain undefeated in the Trenton Dragon Boat Festival for the third year in a row!  Although the Festival included fewer teams this year, there was still stiff competition.  In previous years it came from the Ottawa Police, but this year it was from Belleville.  Nonetheless, the Heat Strokes prevailed to advance to and win the "A" Final.  The team was coached through the season by Tricia Boehme, but for the Trenton Festival, guest coach, Miles LeClair was at the helm.

    Congratulations Heat Strokes!!

    Three paddlers from The Brighton Heat Strokes missed the Trenton Festival as they travelled to Zseged, Hungary to compete in the 11th IDBF Club Crew World Championship.  The paddlers, Tricia Boehme, Barb Michno and Phil Spencer paddled with Pickering Dragon Boat Club on several crews.  Each crew competed in three events: the 200m, the 500m and the 2K.  The result was outstanding as each came home with a generous assortment of gold, silver and bronze medals.  All 3 paddlers trained in Pickering for the last 18 months, but originally learned and honed their skills in our very own Brighton Dragon Boat Club! 

    Two of our upcoming events include The Murray Canal Potluck Paddle on August 12th, and the September Camping Excursion to Bon Echo Park on September 8th.

    The Murray Canal Excursion has been changed to the Government Dock Excursion due to the ongoing, and apparently unending, construction of the western bridge on the canal.  So, Head Coach, Mary Linnett, has secured permission for us to use the government dock, which suits our needs perfectly, and the route across the bay can be customized to suit the whims of paddlers, or most likely, the steers...... BUT WE NEED PADDLERS!!  Don't let the rest of the season slip by without doing something special.  Get on board!!

    Sign up, hiss.  A few paddlers have been guilty of signing up for sessions and then not showing up for the paddle.  This has resulted in the cancelling of a few sessions for small crews who needed everyone in order to go out.  The steer, coach, and some paddlers showed up, waited, and then had to go home.  SO....DON'T BE A PADDLE POOPER!!  If you can't make a session and you are past the website cancel deadline, send your coach a quick email on the website email system on the website under "Directory".  Please note that the Tuesday 6 p.m. paddle has been removed from the calendar because of poor attendance.

    Finally.....THE NEW BOARD for the 2019 will be formed at our Annual General Meeting on September 18th.  We have firm expressions of interest from 3 people and others are considering participating.  Our process is to form a group of 9 members (at the AGM) and then assign roles at the first official meeting in October.  If you feel that you would like to contribute to the running of the club, you should contact any Board member and express your interest!  There will be more information coming on this shortly.



    Paddles Up!

    Phil Spencer

  • 12 Jun 2018 5:51 PM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)

    Festival Fun

    We are fast approaching our June 23rd Community Festival and we need your help!

    Anne Adams has offered to coordinate  and run the bake sale but she needs baking!

    We are looking for packaged items that will sell for $1.00. A couple of small muffins, 2,3, or 4 cookies (depending on the size), 2 squares or tarts, or whatever have have to offer. Use your own discretion!

    Please bring your items to Anne and her helpers under the big tent at 7:30 or 8 a.m. There will be Tim Hortons coffee and the paddlers can enjoy coffee and a treat before the races start at 8:30.

    Thanks you in advance for your contributions.


  • 5 Jun 2018 11:56 AM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)



    It is virtually impossible to report on everything that has been done to get our season to where it is now, but I would like to thank as many people as possible for volunteering time and effort to make our club work.  

    Try It Events: Saturday and Wednesday

    People came out to give dragon boating a try and received a warm welcome from several of our club members and executive members who then organized them into boats for their first outing. There were several full boats on Saturday morning and another 3 full boats on Wednesday evening.  Estimates are that 20 or more new folks tried dragon boating over the 2 time slots.

    As a result, our Administration Director, Joe Belford, reports that we have 9 new members that have signed up.  Apparently there are more seriously considering joining, including a couple of young lads, who are keen to recruit some of their high school buddies.  Young people!  This bodes well for the future of our club!

    In running such an event, we rely on the participation of many people. 

    Club Members:  Several members from the club came out to fill seats in the boat so that new paddlers won't have to struggle to  get the boat moving.  They also welcome new people into the boat and offer helpful tips. The contribution of these members is not only essential but very community minded.  A big thank you goes out to Marion Bell, Mark Penney, Tom King, Carolyn Campbell, Steef Blom, Louise Lance, Linda Walas, Francis Bradley and Joanne Prins.  

    Kim Burns, Director of Recruitment and Retention, organized all advertising and media participation.  MY FM and The Brighton Independent were on site and MY FM intends to post pictures of the event to the station's Face Book page.  Other executive members who supported  the event include Joe Belford, Lucie Cossette, Cathy Hewton, and Technical Advisor, JL Nielsen. Thank you!

    Coach/Steer teams:  We don't go anywhere without these folks!  

    We have to thank May Haslam and Paavo Kivisto, Mary Robinson and Doug Harrison, Mary Linnett and Bob Marshall, and Cathy and Mike Hewton.  Thank you!

    Boat Preparation

    All three boats were brought out of hibernation in late April.  Each received a pressure wash by Mike and then Mary Linnet and Bob Marshall applied the bottom paint to Nakoma (the yellow boat) and Draco (large white boat).  Minion (little boat) didn't get any because supplies ran short.  She drew the short straw???

    Thank you bottom painters  (not to be confused with bottom feeders)!

    All three boats were then waxed by the determined crew of Peg Folsom, Therese Richter, and Louise Lance.  Wax On! Wax Off! Thank you ladies!

    Finally, seats in all 3 boats were sanded and treated with Thompson's Water Seal in an effort to protect them from the elements.  Volunteer workers were May and Haig Haslam.  May also gave the inside of Minion a good souring! Thank you!

    Dock Installation and Maintenance

    Mike Hewton is in charge of this and is assisted by any of us around who he can press into service.  This is always a chore; the dock has been raised once with the rising water level and is about to be raised again.  Without docks our club doesn't function.  If you bump into Mike be sure to thank him and comment on his sexy new truck!!  You might notice that he has a new swagger.  You da' man Mike!

    Mobile Clothing Store

    Doug Harrison will once again be fencing hot BDBC clothing out of the back of his car.  Read the recent e-blast and check out the blog section on the website to find out more.....and next time you are down at the docks, check out the new flag which was ordered and hoisted by Doug.  Thanks Doug!

    Technical Sessions

    Members, both veterans and new paddlers, have taken excellent advantage of Tricia Boehme's technical instruction.  It is very gratifying to see paddlers interested in getting better!  They learn to paddle with purpose, precision and power!  There are two more Technical Sessions on the calendar.

    Session Sign up and Cancellation

    As a paddler you can sign up for a session until 12 hours before is to take place.  If you are too late, you can use the Directory in the website and message the coach to see if there is still room (usually there is).  If there is, he or she will add you to the list and you can paddle.  If you want to just roll the dice and show up for the paddle unannounced, you can do that too.  If there is a bench open, you can fill it! If not, you can wave goodbye as the boat leaves the dock.

    Paddlers can cancel themselves from a session using the simple cancel process outlined in the Members section of the website, but must do so 24 hours in advance of the session in question.  If you have to cancel within that 24 hour window, then do it by finding the coach in the Directory and sending a brief message.  It is important that the coach knows.

    JL Neilsen has been back through all of the sessions on the calendar and reports that she can find no bugs which should prevent the system from operating as described.  Thank you JL!

    Community Festival

    Our Community Festival....June 23rd....It's a big deal so get in on the fun!!  

    Carolyn Globe is assembling a BDBC team, so there is still a chance for you to race!

    Many thanks go to the Festival Committee of Cathy Hewton, Sharon Caswell, Jo Gray, and Tricia Boehme which started back in February...Thanks so much!

    There are no doubt more people that have contributed and I apologize if I have missed anyone.  I will make it up to you at the bar in Harbourview!

    A final shout-out goes to all of the coaches and steers who collectively offer 10 sessions a week!  That really is awesome, so THANK YOU!!

    Paddles Up,

    Phil Spencer


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  • 31 May 2018 12:59 PM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)


    Yes I’m doing deals right out of my trunk, and if you are interested in purchasing some BDBC apparel I have a limited inventory of Men’s & Ladies T-Shirts, Tank-Tops, Hats and Jackets.

    If I do not have inventory of what your looking for I will put together an order when there is enough demand for a minimum order.  This would be best done as soon as possible as there is a few weeks lead time required.

    Prices are as follows (for existing inventory) new order prices have not been confirmed!

    BDBC Men’s and Ladies T-shirts.   $38.00

    BDBC Men’s and Ladies Tank-tops $30.00

    BDBC Hat White or Black  $29.00 HeadSweats Label the best breathable/washable hat

    BDBC Men’s and Ladies Nylon Shell $70.00 Wind and Rain repellent with a hood

    Please note: All prices are total no additional tax/shipping 

    All items are guaranteed to make you paddle better or at least make you look like it!

    For any enquirers or size guidance, please contact me directly at,
    Or any Tuesday or Thursday @ the 6:00am paddle session.

    P/P BDBC

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