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22 Aug 2019 4:06 PM | Philip Spencer


We have had a good summer with lots of boats going out, improved crew sizes, and.... we're not done yet!......and how about that SUNSET PADDLE????....... with 36 paddlers plus coaches and steers. Awesome! 

The sun was beaming, but just at showtime, it was partly covered by just one wispy cloud .....then Cathy Hewton..... smart cookie that she is.... suggested we paddle a little to the left so we could see around it.....and it worked!! That's one crafty BDBC coach, and we know where the brains are in the Hewton household!! Thanks to all who paddled, coached, steered, organized, etc. It was a fine club event including many members and friends of all ages!

BDBC CLOTHING: Susan Walker was present at the Sunset Paddle with club clothing and sold several items before the event. She will be out again at the Friday morning paddle, August 23rd.  That's tomorrow!!  Check out her goods! She will be happy to show you!! You can also view BDBC clothing on the website. Find what you like and contact Susan.

MARSH/NATURE/PHOTOGRAPHY PADDLE is coming up.....on Monday, August 26th .  Bring a friend for free, and your cameras/phones to see what wildlife you can capture. If wildlife is scarce, May Haslam will be posing on the coach's seat, will wear a duck bill on request, and I will be sluffing at the oar. Shoot us. There's still room on the boat, so get signed up!

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: This will take place on Tuesday, August the 24th at the Harbourview Cafe. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. May Haslam has been typing away (no, she doesn't type wearing her duck bill), and very shortly you will receive the Minutes from last year's AGM for you perusal. We will be looking for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors, so if you, or a member you know would like to help next year, please let anyone on the current board know. You will have to be nominated at the meeting, and, depending on number of candidates, there may be an election. We will be looking for 2 new board members.

EXTENDED PADDLE SEASON: We are now going to be paddling up to and including Sunday, September 29th. This is an extra 2 weeks, and that will include the new Monday 9 a.m. session! Fingers crossed for a beautiful September! Check the website calendar and sign up. If this extra time is popular with paddlers then it can be repeated next year. Many thanks to Tricia Boehme for organizing this and to Cathy Hewton for entering all the new sessions into the calendar!

As coaches and steers are putting in extra time, we want to make things simple.  We ask that at least 6 paddlers are signed up before a session is approved. If there are not 6 paddlers by 9 the night before then the session will be cancelled. Notification will be given by email (This was a very serious item, so no jokes!)

SHED MATTERS:  If you have noticed the tidy and organized nature of our paddle shed (colour-coded paddles sorted by length, a legend to explain the system, and other improvements),  thank Frances Bradley.  She sets the standard on all shed matters!

WEBSITE IMPROVEMENTS: There is now a photo gallery! It is on the top menu bar and called...........wait for it....... 2019 PHOTO ALBUM (Go figure!!). Click on it, scroll through the pics and look for yourself....yes that's really you and that was your good side!!

More photos will be added. Many thanks to Tricia Boehme, Leslie Dagg and Tom King for getting this set up.

Also....there is a tab to click so that you can access lists of the Board of Directors and Coaches & Steers. Go to the 3 horizontal bars in the top right hand corner just to the right of MEMBERS.

Many thanks to Tom King, our new Web Master! We are not worthy.

APPLEFEST PARADE: This takes place Saturday, September 28th, and we are always part of it. We dress up in BDBC colours and walk along side Nakoma (That's the yellow boat, Mike) which is all decked out with balloons, streamers, Chinese lanterns, the dragon head and tail, and usually a “guest drummer”. Please join us and help promote our club.

Well......that's all for now! Please help us finish off the season with enthusiasm, and try to get to the AGM ...... Rumour has it that there will be prizes for 3 lucky paddlers!  Pssst....Kim Burns told me.

Paddles Up!!

Phil Spencer


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