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5 Jul 2019 12:51 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)

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The season is in full swing now and the weather for the last 2 weeks has been a giant improvement!  I have even heard a few complaining that "It is too hot!  It's the Canadian way, lol.  Following are a few announcements for events coming up  shortly and a few catch up reports for club events which have already taken place.

NEW MEMBERS:  As of the July long weekend, new members can join for the remainder of the season for $125.00.  There are 2 and a half months of paddling left and these are by far the most popular months for club paddlers.  The water is warming, the flood waters are abating (although slowly) and the weather is warmer. It is the kind of summer weather we all dream about as we sit inside during the winter time.

Make sure you get out and paddle, and if you wish to bring friends, then register them on the website and they can come too.  They will, however, be expected to pay a fee of $5.00.

MURRAY CANAL PADDLE AND POTLUCK LUNCH:  This is to take place on Sunday, July 14th.  Departure time is 10 a.m. and it is a great way to get in some relaxed paddling as we work our way to the Brighton Road Bridge over the Murray Canal.  Chatting in the boat is encouraged and the food is always great!   If Mary Linnett stays on her schedule of recovery, we will have her on the coach's seat (no pressure Mary)....and if that weren't enough, the food is fantastic!  For more detail, see the e-blast sent out earlier this month, or find it in the Blog section of the website.

TECHNICAL SESSIONS:  There will be 2 more sessions coming up soon, as advertised in the recent e-blast sent out by Tricia Boehme.  Take advantage of this  friendly opportunity to improve your stroke!

HEAT STROKES COME UP BIG!!:  On June 8th, Coach Miles LeClair took the Heat Strokes race team to represent BCBC in the Peterborough Festival.  The team acquitted itself well as it worked it's way through the qualifying heats.  In the semi-final the team was edged by Fleet of Foot, but in the final, Coach Miles called a perfect race plan and the racers did exactly as they were told.....go figure!!  The Heat Strokes defeated Fleet of Foot by a few benches and Cobourg by almost a boat length to take first place in the Open Mixed Divisionl.  The medals and ribbons were handed out and the trophy (a carved wooden paddle) is in the shed over the car key tray. CONGRATULATIONS HEAT STROKES!!

REMINDERS FOR SIGN UP AND CANCELLING OUT OF SESSIONS:  Paddlers have done a great job getting signed up for sessions and the Board congratulates you for being diligent with this.  If you need to cancel, please refer to the "Members" section on the website.  It is just 3 steps and very easy.  If you want to sign up or cancel within 24 hours of the session, go to the "Directory" and send your coach a brief message. 

ON THE WALL:  On the shed wall, to the left of the door, you will notice a new mission statement and schedule in the red framed box.  It is in BIG PRINT in order to better the serve the predominant demographic of our club!

ON THE POLE:  It is late arriving (supposed to be here this week) but a new flag will be hoisted shortly to replace the one which is now tattered and tired.  Keep your eyes peeled.  There will be a difference (.....tease)!

ON THE HORIZON:  The Board will look at keeping one boat in the water for an extra 2 weeks after the paddling schedule is officially over so that members have the opportunity to organize their own outings.  More on this later!

That's all for now!! Get out and enjoy the best part of the season!

Phil Spencer


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