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First Paddle May 13th....Almost There!!

27 Apr 2019 4:05 PM | Philip Spencer (Administrator)


If you haven't started your preseason workout yet, it's never too late.  Get your paddle and life jacket out and stare at them until you feel guilty enough to do a few situps, squats and pushups.  Your body will reward you in two weeks!


The Open House brought in a number of veterans and about 10 or so new folks who were interested in dragon boating.  These new paddlers will have the benefit of paddling free for the first 2 weeks at several sessions before they have to decide whether or not to join the club.  If you see someone new on your boat in the second half of May, be sure to give a warm BDBC welcome.  That paddler might be your new seat mate!

Special thanks goes to Kim Burns, who shoulders the responsibility for organizing the Open House.  She very capably covered all the bases for advertising and other logistics, and all board members pitched in to round up items and provide service to visitors.  Tom King and Leslie Dagg dealt with new sign-ups on computers, Frances Bradley brought coffee, cookies and paddles (paddles were used for stirring the coffee).  Tricia Boehme answered questions regarding paddle session scheduling, Miles LeClair (our race coach) fielded questions regarding the race team. Big thanks also goes to several veteran members for providing newcomers with a warm welcome and for being in the photos taken by local press.

BiXi, our new 10 seat dragon boat made her debut on the trailer parked at the Brighton YMCA.  Never mind that there was snow on her head and tail when she arrived....we liked her anyway!!  Smaller crews will ride in style this more picking fibre glass out of your legs!! Thanks to Mike and Cathy Hewton for bringing BiXi to the Open House!

BDBC Clothing was on display inside the building, set up by Susan Walker.  It takes time to get new items in, so make sure you order early.  See the selection on the website under Club Clothing and contact Susan directly to order.  

Dock repairs are going ahead this week and include, welding of the frame, replacement of plywood deck and addition of handholds to assist paddlers in entering and exiting the boats.  Waxing of the boats will also be done next week.  All will be ready for the first session on May 13th!

Early breakfast for 6 a.m. paddlers  will be on as in previous years!  Jeni will be there to look after our early birds, so that this indispensable part of the predawn paddle will continue. 

Paddles Up!

Phil Spencer 

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