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June Newsletter

5 Jun 2018 11:56 AM | Cathy Hewton (Administrator)



It is virtually impossible to report on everything that has been done to get our season to where it is now, but I would like to thank as many people as possible for volunteering time and effort to make our club work.  

Try It Events: Saturday and Wednesday

People came out to give dragon boating a try and received a warm welcome from several of our club members and executive members who then organized them into boats for their first outing. There were several full boats on Saturday morning and another 3 full boats on Wednesday evening.  Estimates are that 20 or more new folks tried dragon boating over the 2 time slots.

As a result, our Administration Director, Joe Belford, reports that we have 9 new members that have signed up.  Apparently there are more seriously considering joining, including a couple of young lads, who are keen to recruit some of their high school buddies.  Young people!  This bodes well for the future of our club!

In running such an event, we rely on the participation of many people. 

Club Members:  Several members from the club came out to fill seats in the boat so that new paddlers won't have to struggle to  get the boat moving.  They also welcome new people into the boat and offer helpful tips. The contribution of these members is not only essential but very community minded.  A big thank you goes out to Marion Bell, Mark Penney, Tom King, Carolyn Campbell, Steef Blom, Louise Lance, Linda Walas, Francis Bradley and Joanne Prins.  

Kim Burns, Director of Recruitment and Retention, organized all advertising and media participation.  MY FM and The Brighton Independent were on site and MY FM intends to post pictures of the event to the station's Face Book page.  Other executive members who supported  the event include Joe Belford, Lucie Cossette, Cathy Hewton, and Technical Advisor, JL Nielsen. Thank you!

Coach/Steer teams:  We don't go anywhere without these folks!  

We have to thank May Haslam and Paavo Kivisto, Mary Robinson and Doug Harrison, Mary Linnett and Bob Marshall, and Cathy and Mike Hewton.  Thank you!

Boat Preparation

All three boats were brought out of hibernation in late April.  Each received a pressure wash by Mike and then Mary Linnet and Bob Marshall applied the bottom paint to Nakoma (the yellow boat) and Draco (large white boat).  Minion (little boat) didn't get any because supplies ran short.  She drew the short straw???

Thank you bottom painters  (not to be confused with bottom feeders)!

All three boats were then waxed by the determined crew of Peg Folsom, Therese Richter, and Louise Lance.  Wax On! Wax Off! Thank you ladies!

Finally, seats in all 3 boats were sanded and treated with Thompson's Water Seal in an effort to protect them from the elements.  Volunteer workers were May and Haig Haslam.  May also gave the inside of Minion a good souring! Thank you!

Dock Installation and Maintenance

Mike Hewton is in charge of this and is assisted by any of us around who he can press into service.  This is always a chore; the dock has been raised once with the rising water level and is about to be raised again.  Without docks our club doesn't function.  If you bump into Mike be sure to thank him and comment on his sexy new truck!!  You might notice that he has a new swagger.  You da' man Mike!

Mobile Clothing Store

Doug Harrison will once again be fencing hot BDBC clothing out of the back of his car.  Read the recent e-blast and check out the blog section on the website to find out more.....and next time you are down at the docks, check out the new flag which was ordered and hoisted by Doug.  Thanks Doug!

Technical Sessions

Members, both veterans and new paddlers, have taken excellent advantage of Tricia Boehme's technical instruction.  It is very gratifying to see paddlers interested in getting better!  They learn to paddle with purpose, precision and power!  There are two more Technical Sessions on the calendar.

Session Sign up and Cancellation

As a paddler you can sign up for a session until 12 hours before is to take place.  If you are too late, you can use the Directory in the website and message the coach to see if there is still room (usually there is).  If there is, he or she will add you to the list and you can paddle.  If you want to just roll the dice and show up for the paddle unannounced, you can do that too.  If there is a bench open, you can fill it! If not, you can wave goodbye as the boat leaves the dock.

Paddlers can cancel themselves from a session using the simple cancel process outlined in the Members section of the website, but must do so 24 hours in advance of the session in question.  If you have to cancel within that 24 hour window, then do it by finding the coach in the Directory and sending a brief message.  It is important that the coach knows.

JL Neilsen has been back through all of the sessions on the calendar and reports that she can find no bugs which should prevent the system from operating as described.  Thank you JL!

Community Festival

Our Community Festival....June 23rd....It's a big deal so get in on the fun!!  

Carolyn Globe is assembling a BDBC team, so there is still a chance for you to race!

Many thanks go to the Festival Committee of Cathy Hewton, Sharon Caswell, Jo Gray, and Tricia Boehme which started back in February...Thanks so much!

There are no doubt more people that have contributed and I apologize if I have missed anyone.  I will make it up to you at the bar in Harbourview!

A final shout-out goes to all of the coaches and steers who collectively offer 10 sessions a week!  That really is awesome, so THANK YOU!!

Paddles Up,

Phil Spencer


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