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President's Fall Newsletter, Nov 2017

2 Nov 2017 9:25 PM | Deleted user

Greetings Paddlers!

The boats and dock have long been put to bed and the Autumn leaves are pretty much all down.   I am taking this opportunity to communicate with you now and will do so a number of times before the 2018 paddling season opens.

Your Board continues to meet in the Board Room of the Lighthouse Wealth Management Centre.  We heartily thank Gary and Dave Sharp for making their facility available to us.  It is centrally located, beautifully appointed and suits our needs perfectly.  It was during our first meeting here that we assigned roles for the 2017/2018 Board of Directors.  It follows.

President - Phil Spencer 

Vice President - Susan Walker 

Past President - Doug Harrison

Administration -  Joe Belford

Assets Manager - Mike Hewton

Head Coach - Mary Linnett

Recruitment & Retention - Kim Burns

Secretary - May Haslam

Treasurer - Lucie Cossette

The Board has prepared the strategic plan for the upcoming season and I will outline the highlights in a subsequent letter.  My intent in this newsletter is to inform BDBC members of fitness opportunities that exist in the area that can help paddlers actively pass the winter and attain a good fitness level by the time paddling begins in May.  Many of us think about off season exercise programs but very often the hardest part is getting started.  That's why it helps to plug into programs that already exist or are about to begin.

Here are some ideas:

1. Saturday Insanity:  This is a 1 hour workout currently running at the YMCA in Brighton every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. (Note the change from last year which was Sunday at 9).  Anna-Lisa Barnes organizes and leads the session which incorporates full body and cardio, with a focus on core strengthening.  The session is free after purchasing a membership to the YMCA (or you may pay $8/visit).  Show up at the Y or contact Anna-Lisa

2.  Yoga Classes with GetYoga (Trenton):  Get a group together or go on your own.  The cost is $100 for 10 classes.  The schedule can be flexible.  Call your friends and check out the following link.

Don't want to make the trip to Trenton?  The YMCA in Brighton offers Yoga Classes as well.  Phone 613-475-2887 or check out>Brighton

3.  Pilates Classes with Roz Gomez (Trenton):  There are several classes offered per week.  Go on your own or convince your friends to join you.  Don't have any friends?  Maybe you will find some after checking out

4.  The Gym (Trenton):  Offers a variety of fitness programs, in an individual and group context.  Contact them at 613-392-1825 or email at belong@the

5.  Pool Paddling with PDBC:  Get wet in the winter!  You will have to organize a small group and contact the Pickering Dragon Boat Club to find out if there is space and what fee is being charged.  You would be training with racers, but you don't have to be one.  If you are keen for off season technical training, this could be for you.

6.  Training Camps:  There are two dragon boat training camps offered in April, one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina , and one in Florida.  These include on-water technical training,  on-water paddle workouts, gym workouts, and video review.  There are on-water sessions both morning and afternoon.  A training camp is a challenging week of training...a great jump start to your 2018 paddling season.  Here are the links:

Pickering Dragon Boat Club (DBC) is April 8-14, North Myrtle Beach

Great White North (GWN) is early April, Florida (Also offers steering and coaching clinics)

I hope that this list helps you find an activity that will improve your fitness for next spring and keep you looking forward to your first paddle of 2018!  If you have off-season ideas that would benefit BDBC paddlers, please share.

My next newsletter will deal with the Club's plans for next season.

Until then,

Phil Spencer, President, BDBC

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