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If you are unable to make it to a paddle session for which you are registered, you are asked to inform the coach of that session by contacting him/her in one of the following ways the day before the paddle.

A.  Use the internal message system in the BDBC website and send a brief message. (see members email sent out on June 14 AM).

B.  Use an email address on the Coach/Steer list and send a brief message.*

C.  Use a cell number on the Coach/Steer list and send a brief text message.*

*  The Coach/Steer contact list was supplied previously via club email and is located under the members only page on the website.  You will only be able to see this if you are a registered member and have logged in.  Look for the link to the 2017 Coach Steer Contact list.

Option A.  Using the Website Message System

Firstly, if after logging in, you do not see the word DIRECTORY in the horizontal menu bar under the pictures, choose option B or C.


1.  Go to the BDBC website and log in

2.  On the horizontal menu bar under the picture click on DIRECTORY

3.  Scroll through the names which are listed alphabetically by surname.  There are 50 names per page, so the last half of the alphabet is on page 2.

4.  Locate your coach's name and click on it

5.  A Send message button will appear beside the name. 

5.  Click this button and a standard email window will appear.

6.  Write your message and click on send.

This process is very easy and quick to use as the email address is preloaded and so does not need not to be entered.  Your message will show up in the coach's regular email.

To use Options B and C, consult the following Coach and Steer Contact List.  All coaches use email and most use text messaging.

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